Wisdom teeth usually erupt around age 20 with a tendency of having earlier eruption in younger ages nowadays. They mostly cause problems when there is insufficient space for them to erupt fully or when they are impacted. Patient usually experience toothache when they are erupting. It is best to have a panoramic xray done to assess the space for the wisdom teeth and also the condition of the wisdom teeth to see whether extractions of wisdom teeth are needed. Panoramic xrays can be done in West Harbour dental and it only costs $70 each.
In west harbour dental, we offer wide ranges of cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening to veneers or crowns. For patients who are concerned of the colour of teeth, there are different types of whitening offered, such as home kit whitening, over the counter (treswhite) whitening, and also in chair whitening ( with whitening light). For patients who want a bit more than just whitening, veneers or crowns can change the shape and also the colour of the teeth and an even number of veneers are usually recommended to have better results. We also offer dermal fillers to improve the lines around the mouth and also dysport (need to be copyrighted as brand?) (anti-wrinkle treatment) to help with the wrinkles.
Bleeding gum usually caused by inflammation of the gum tissue and an indication of gum problem. We recommend every adult with teeth to have regular dental hygiene treatments with our dentists or hygienist(s). For severe gum issues, root planning treatments will be needed and it can cost up to $200 per half an hour including anaesthetize the teeth. For most severe gum issue when teeth are mobile with gum infection, teeth extractions may be needed. it is important to have your gum assessed regularly to ensure good dental hygiene and have healthy breath, give West harbour Dental a call to have your gum checked by our friendly dentist or hygienist.
We recommend most of our patients having their teeth scaled every 6 monthly to avoid future gum problems. However, for patients with existing gum problems, a frequent visit may be recommended by our dentist or hygienist to ensure your gum health.
Our dentists and hygienist aim to make it easy and comfortable for our patients. However, for patients who fear going to dentist, we also offer IV or oral sedation, depending on the sedation level required. The sedation will relax our patients throughout the procedure. Ask our dentist for more information.
Our check up or consultation charge is $45.  An annual check up with two xrays are usually $85 and our scaling and polishing starts from $95. Sometimes we also suggest a panoramic xray, especially if there is any wisdom tooth issue which is $70.