Hope you all had a great holiday time whether you stayed locally or away for holiday. It has been a hot summer and in this newsletter, we are going to share some tips on how to keep cool this summer, some gardening tips for those keen gardeners and also some information on our latest new addition- Waterlase, the latest dental laser technology. Enjoy the read and take a copy for a friend to share the news if you like.


Gardening Tips

Do you know there are simple kitchen ingredients you can use to improve the soil.

1) Egg shells-contains calcium, which could promote plant growth and deter slugs and snails. Simply crush the egg shells and adds it to the soil.

2) Coffee grounds- coffee grounds are great fertilisers, it contains nitrogen and provides nutrient for plant to grow. Just add it directly to soil.

3) Banana skin- banana peel contains lots nutrients (calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium etc), which helps plants to grow. Banana peels can be broken down into small pieces and then add to the soil.

Introducing our new member

This summer, West Harbour Dental would like to introduce you one of the latest laser machine to improve not only the treatment prognosis, provide more treatment options as well as increasing patient’ s comfort.

According to research, laser could effectively kills most of the bacteria and when used in root canal treatments, it could effectively kill more than 99.7% of bacteria, which not only helps shortens the number of visits for root canal treatments by effectively eliminating infection, but also increases the prognosis for the treatment.

It also encourages bio-stimulation when used on deep gum treatments. It stimulates both the fibre and bone cells to regenerate. There are also other beneficial treatments with this new laser technology.

Ask our friendly staff about our dental laser and package offers when you come for your next visit.


Keeping cool this summer:

  • Drink lots of water- it is important to keep hydrated.
  • Sun protection Slip Slap Slop make sure you are covered with sunscreen when going outdoors and don’t forget to wear a hat.
  • After sun carePut on some aloe vera gel to help soothing the skin.