• This is another form of conscious sedation used ‘Hypnovel’ but is administered in tablet form and is far safer for children and the elderly. We also use this sedation for smaller treatments rather than the IV.Much like IV sedation though, this sedation requires you to follow a few imperative things to remember prior to and post appointment:Pre-Op:
    • Organise a friend, family member or loved one to escort you to and from the appointment
    • Come in one hour prior to your scheduled appointment


    • When treatment is completed your friend or relative will drive you home
    • Once you are fully awake and the sedation effects have worn off, you will feel comfortable, relaxed and free from stress.
    • You will probably remember very little from your treatment
    • DO NOT operate a motor vehicle for 24 hours after receiving Oral Conscious Sedation.

    *Due to there being no analgesic or pain relieving qualities provided by oral sedatives, local anesthetics will be applied to prevent pain. Just like IV sedation however you won’t remember or feel a thing from the injection due to the relaxing effects brought upon by the sedative.

    Routine Checkups (Hygiene and Maintenance)
    These should be every 6 months to a year (at the very least!) and will include a comprehensive examination followed by a polish, clean and plan for future treatments. Sign up to our email list and we’ll make things even easier by emailing you when you’re due for your next routine check up and clean.

  • Oral Surgical Extractions
    Sounds scary we know! But these are of utmost importance for anyone suffering from impacting wisdom teeth or a rotting tooth that is beyond saving. Rest easy though, most surgeries are carried out under IV sedation so you won’t feel a thing!
  • Restorative Services
    Crack in your tooth? Get it filled! We offer a range or restorative services including composite (white) fillings, amalgam fillings and even crowns for heavily cracked teeth.
  • Endodontics
    Our endodontic services include root canal treatments, retreatments and are necessary for those teeth that are right on the precipice of needing to be removed (for the more dire of situations!)
  • Emergency Dentistry
    From dislodged crowns, toothaches and teeth trauma to soft tissue injuries (lips and gums), sports related injuries and bridges, our emergency dentistry service cover it all! We even cover ACC and WINZ quotes including referrals.


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