Intravenous Sedation in dentistry is the latest in modern dental techniques to help make what can be some quite scary procedures as pleasant as humanly possible. Taking the fear out of dental treatments, this sedation is suitable for most people HOWEVER if you aren’t in good health or are taking regular medication be sure to notify your dentist or surgeon so that the necessary precautions may be taken.

The procedure involves the administration of a sedative called ‘Hypnovel’ (a small amount!) that is quick to take affect. The injection is painless and is administrated into a vein in the arm. Following sedation the patient will fast become extremely relaxed and drowsy where the procedure will then be able to be carried out comfortably.

This sedative will NOT knock the patient out but rather put them into a state where they won’t feel or remember the procedure due to the amnesia (forgetfulness) produced by the sedative agent. This is important as the patient is then still able to follow instructions from the dentist and breathe on their own accord, they just won’t remember it! A local anaesthetic injection is still required, however it will not cause any discomfort due to the patient being unable to remember any of it.

After the procedure is completed the patient will then need to rest for a short while before being escorted home (so sort out a friend or family member to come in with you!). This is crucial as although the patient will feel alert and back to themselves, the sedative will still be present in their system for the next few hours.

Intravenous sedation is the most pleasant way for dental surgeries and procedures to be carried out so just follow these instructions, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Whether its a simple check up or a complicated procedure, here at West Harbour Dental we ultimately strive to help you feel as at ease as humanly possible.



  • Organize a friend, family member or loved one to escort you both to and from the appointment
  • NO FOOD 4 hours prior to scheduled appointment time
  • NO FLUIDS 30min prior to scheduled appointment time
  • Report ANY details of drugs being taken or that have been taken in the last week to two weeks, namely tranquillisers such as sleeping pills
  • Go to the toilet prior to appointment
  • Wear loose fitting clothing
  • Remove contact lenses and any facial piercings
  • Remove nail polish


  • Whatever you do, DO NOT DRIVE a vehicle until the following day
  • DO NOT sign any legal documents
  • DO NOT consume alcohol until at least the following day
  • Go straight home and rest under supervision
  • Additional post-op instructions will be given to escort


  • Do not attend your IV appointment if you are suffering from a cold, influenza, flu like symptoms or any other infection for that matter. Just give us a call and let us know, we are more than happy to reschedule your appointment to a time when you are feeling better – with no added cost!

*If you have any other questions that haven’t been covered then please give us a call, we are only too happy to help!


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