West Harbour Dental would like to introduce the latest dental laser machine, Waterlase.  With Waterlase, it could help to shorten the appointment visits, improves the treatment success and allows us to provide more dental procedures than the traditional methods.

Waterlase has the latest gum treatment protocol which could help stimulating bone and fibre growth and this will help some patients with moderate to severe gum problems.

The laser can also disinfect and kill bacteria much more effectively in root canal therapy (than the traditional methods).  This would not only help to improve the treatment success for root canal treatment but decreases the root canal therapy trips from 3 procedures to one.

Its uses in soft tissue surgery also helps the blood coagulation, and speeds up the healing.  With this, it also makes it possible to fill those deep, below the gum cavities as the laser would help removing the overgrown tissue and helps achieving haemostasis (blood clotting) and have fillings or crown treatments done at same appointment.

Come and ask our friendly dental staff or dentists more about laser dentistry at your next appointment.