Cosmetic treatments to help enhance your smile!

In addition to our world class dental treatments we also offer a range of cosmetic services to further enhance that beautiful smile of yours.

From cosmetic whiteners to anti-wrinkle treatments including fillers and Dysport, we offer a plethora of different cosmetic services to help accentuate your facial features. We are strong believers in that everyone is beautiful but if you aren’t happy about a certain part of yourself then we are more than happy to help.

It may seem strange for a dental centre to offer cosmetic services when in fact it is anything but! Dentists are among the very best health providers to be delivering these sort of treatments having studied degrees focusing completely on the face, its structure and anatomy. Our entire team come more than qualified and know exactly where all the blood vessels, facial nerves and muscles are in the face – leaving them not only able to achieve the best result possible but also able to avoid any possible complications associated with these procedures.

Whether its a simple check up or a complicated procedure, here at West Harbour Dental we ultimately strive to help you feel as at ease as humanly possible.


Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Our anti-wrinkle treatments are designed to remove signs of aging whilst retaining your natural look and expressions. As we age there is a steady decrease in the production of elastin and collagen that provide support to our skin and that’s where our anti-wrinkle treatments come in. They will help smooth out any undesirable lines or creases on your face, further accentuating that beautiful smile of yours. We have two options offering this service available to you as follows:

  • Dysport
    Dysport is the cosmetic option perfectly suited for the ridding of forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, lip wrinkles, chin creases and more! Supported by over a decade of clinical testing and experiences, Dysport treatments have minimal risks and have been approved across New Zealand for medical use.
  • Fillers
    An alternative option to ‘Dysport’ treatments, Fillers are also ideal for forehead lines, lip wrinkles, crows feet, mouth frowns and chin creases! Made from a completely biodegradable, biocompatible substance that is naturally present in the human body, Fillers have absolutely no risk of allergic reaction and the likelihood of side effects is extremely minimal.

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